Remy Cuticle Hair

What is Remy Cuticle Human Hair?

Remy hair - is Hair that has been collected facing the correct direction of growth..

If you look at hair under a microscope you will see that all hair strands have cuticle scales on them,  somewhat like fish scales or shingles on a roof.  When all is aligned,  hair will flow smoothly and brush without friction.  Imagine these scales facing both directions and rubbing against the grain.  It would be like brushing your hair upwards rather than downwards.  The effect would result in a hot mess of bunching and tangling.


Most hair extensions on the market today are in fact collected this way without knowing the correct direction of growth.  This is where the different levels of hair extensions take effect.  When hair is collected in such a manner,  as mentioned earlier,  it cannot be brushed without bunching and tangling.  That is why the hair must be stripped from its cuticles by using a cuticle remover bath,  also known as an acid bath.  This process is harsh and strips away all the shine from the hair.  So why would anyone buy hair without cuticles and shine you say?


This is where the  “fix”  happens.  The dull and stripped hair gets coated with a silicon coating,  giving it the appearance of shiny hair.  The shine is short-lived after a few washes and we are then left with the original dull and tangled prone hair.


But not to worry! Extend-it uses only Premiun Quality Remy Cuticle Human hair which means the cuticles are still intact and have not been stripped away by any harsh chemicals.  The result is simply beautiful hair. Extend-it hair.