Did you ever want to be more daring and outrageous with your hair, but were too scared?  Add highlights and change it up anytime you wish without the commitment.  Highlights are a great way to accessorize and have fun!  


You can use fun colored highlights to compliment your shirt or eyeshadow color.  Got a team you’re routing for that has a special color?  Or is it just a simple red streak to go with those sexy red pumps?  Whatever your style may be,  Extend-it clip-on highlights can be your fashion accessory. It's the perfect way to add color to your hair quickly and inexpensively.


Clip on highlights are the perfect solution if you want to add a little flare without having to commit to any specific color.  Change it up as you please.  Because the highlights are removable,  there is less washing which also means less fading.

Our highlights are made from 100% human hair so they can be styled just like your own.  No more worries about the damage caused by hair dyes,  or the maintenance needed for retouching roots,  just clip-in and clip-out! 


Extend-it highlights,  however,  will definitely not strip you from your hair,  time,  or your wallet!   Infact,  you will be adding more hair than losing hair.  No more damage or worries about touchups


Available in 16 different fabulous colours