Extend-it's FAQ's

Can the Extend-it's be styled?

Extend-it extensions are made of 100% Human Hair which means they can be styled just like your own!
Use any hot tool or products to style your extensions as desired. 


How many colors are there?

There are 14 colors in total,  7 solid toned colors and  7 highlighted colors.                                                                    
Our colors listed below:


What lengths do Extend-it's come in?

Extend-it extensions come in 2 different lengths,  16" and 20" 


How long will 16"/20" be when I put them on?

Depending on where you place the extensions,  16" will be roughly around as the bra line and 20" will be just above around your waist.  
The higher you wear the extensions the more volume you will get and the lower you wear the extensions the more length you will get. 


How do I take care of my new Extend-its?  Where do I keep them after I take them off?

Every package of Extend-it comes with instructions on the back for care. 

Always put the extensions back in its original plastic sleeve or a place where the extensions can be safe from dust or items that will cause the hair to tangle.  A good example would be a box or pouch just for the extensions. 


Can the Extend-it's be cut?

Absolutely!  But remember, the hair does not grow back so be careful when snipping.  
Ask your personal stylist for help if you would like it cut to a specific shape. 


Can the Extend-it's be colored?

Coloring is always tricky, even when we go to the salon to color our own hair, we are never promised the exact outcome.

Because all extensions have already undergone a different coloring process to reach its final color,  they can react differently to salon coloring chemicals.

We do not recommend coloring but if you are daring to try,  always use the single tester piece that comes with your set.
Depositing color to go darker is easier than lifting and going lighter. 


What happens if the clips break?

Simply send it back!  We use the best clips available for extensions that are most durable.  
If they ever break we will get it replaced for you,  no questions asked. 


Can I sleep / shower / swim in them?

It is always recommended to remove your extensions after you are done wearing them for the day,   the whole point of removable extensions is to stay away from the discomfort of sleeping and showering.

The fact that you don't have to sleep in them,  (which causes tangling),  and the fact that they do not need to be washed and blow dried everytime,  (which causes drying out),  makes the extensions last much longer. 


How often do they need to be washed?

Since clip on extensions are removable,  they do not need to be washed as often as your own natural hair.

Clip on extensions will not catch as much natural oils from the scalp as your own hair will.  
The frequency of washing will also depend on the individual of course.

Hair catches odours easily so smokers for instance would most likely need to wash more frequently.  
You will know when your extensions need a wash but roughly once every 1-3 months is recommended. 


How long will the Extend-it's for?

The extensions will last longer depending on how often they are used and how much heat is added when styling.

Overall they should last about a year with proper care.